CEI-IUL is currently accepting proposals for MSCA fellowships

CEI-IUL is currently accepting proposals for being the host institution of Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) Individual Fellowships (IF).

About the call

This call is open to researchers who have a doctoral degree or at least four years’ full-time research experience by the time of the call deadline.

You have the choice to apply for a European Fellowship if you are moving within the EU or associated countries or if you are interested to come to the EU or an associated country from any other country in the world. Within this strand, two panels are particularly attractive for scientists who want to pick-up their research career after a break (Career Restart Panel) or who had worked outside Europe for a while and would like to return (Reintegration Panel).

More information about applications to CEI-IUL, ISCTE-IUL. 

The candidates are advised to submit their Expression of interest to ISCTE-IUL before 31st May 2019 (final deadline for submitting the Expression of interest will be 1st August 2019).

Individual Fellowships: opportunities for different career stages

Researchers based in the EU or associated countries can apply for a Global Fellowship for a position outside Europe. As a Global Fellow, you will have to come back for one year to an organisation based in the EU or associated countries.

If you apply for an MSCA European Fellowship with a host institution in a so-called Widening country and the MSCA Individual Fellowship call lacks funding to retain your proposal, it may be reassigned to the Widening Fellowships call in case you opt in for this option.

MSCA IF Fellowships offer favourable employment conditions, including the possibility to work part-time and, for example, work on creating your own start-up or follow advanced studies in parallel.

For more information about MSCA consult the website.

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CEI-Iscte (Centre for International Studies) is a university-based multidisciplinary research center at ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL). CEI-Iscte aims at promoting interdisciplinary research in Social Sciences, International Relations and Economy, focusing in its areas of geographic specialisation: Africa, Asia, Europe, and Transatlantic Relations.

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