Classifying Divided Cities: The Need for Geopolitical Perspective?

CEI-IUL researcher Nikola Novak has just published an article entitled “Classifying Divided Cities: The Need for Geopolitical Perspective?“, in co-authorship with Marta Zorko, in the peer-reviewed journal Sociologija i prostor (Sociology and Space).

The authors focus on classifying divided cities through the categorization of the type of the divisions. They also suggest that the geopolitical perspective, including geographical, political, identity and power relations, may serve as a tool for overcoming the confusion in different sets of classifications.

Nevertheless, unequal globalization, fragmentation of power, and its different distribution form new divisions of the future. These new dimensions of divided cities also include the classical problems emphasized in this article, empowered by wealth differences of the population living in cities around the world.

Zorko and Novak’s conclusion describes some trends of the contemporary micro-geopolitical challenges that occur in the cities of North America, Australia, Latin America, and Europe and use the differences in divisions to establish a set of criteria applicable to the global structure of divided cities.

Read the article here.

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Nikola Novak

Researcher at CEI-IUL. PhD Candidate in History, Security and Defence Studies (ISCTE-IUL). His fields of study are security studies, history of former Yugoslavia, border studies, geopolitics and divided cities. Currently, he builds doctoral dissertation thesis about micro-geopolitical divisions and divided cities in post-Yugoslav countries. MA with focus on the role of diplomacy in the battle for international recognition of Croatia.

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