MAY 17 | Open Lecture: Terrorist Organizations’ Innovation & Learning

On May 17, the Master in International Studies of ISCTE-IUL and CEI-IUL promote an open lecture with Hermínio Matos, researcher at  ICPOL – ISCPSI (Instituto Superior de Ciências Policiais e Segurança Interna) entitled “Terrorist Organizations’ Innovation & Learning: What’s Next in (counter)terrorism?”

The lecture will take place at JJ Laginha Auditorium (Sedas Nunes Building, ISCTE-IUL) at 6p.m.

About the lecture:

Terrorists always had to elude and adapt to state’s counterterrorism actions. Moving within both a clandestine and hostile world, Terrorist Organizations implemented Techniques, Tactics and Procedures (TTP) on terrorist attack cycle and target selection. Often, terrorist organizations operate like state actors. Not only operating with the same security measures and statecraft but also cooperating and making alliances.

About the speaker:

The invited lecturer is Hermínio Matos, professor at ICPOL – ISCPSI, Instituto Superior de Ciências Policiais e Segurança Interna, integrated researcher and member of the Scientific Council of ISCPSI. He is also scientific coordinator of the intensive course of Counterterrorism in ISCPSI.

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