New Partnership | BITEFIX Project – Combating corruption in sport

The CEI-Iscte, through Iscte-Conhecimento e Inovação is a partner on the “BITEFIX” project recently funded by the Erasmus+ Sport program.

The transnational multisector partnership initiative was launched in January 2021 to assist key-stakeholders in tackling match-fixing and strengthening their capacity through sharing of best practices and implementation of comprehensive and innovative tools and capacity building programmes.

Marcelo Moriconi, CEI-Iscte researcher, is the local representative of this project and was present at the kick-off meeting of BITEFIX, in January. In this meeting was addressed the pressing issue of how match-fixing has become more prevalent today than ever and, how due to the lack of quality information exchange systems and proper awareness of key-stakeholders leads to an increasingly damaging criminal infiltration in sports.

About the project

Recognising the need for enhanced cooperation between stakeholders and innovative practical tools to combat corruption in sport and tackle match-fixing and betting fraud 8 organisations from 6 EU countries, joined forces in a collaborative partnership under the EU ERASMUS+ sport program to launch ‘Building innovative tools for the exchange of information and awareness raising against match-fixing in sport’ (BITEFIX) project.

BITEFIX allows a group of committed stakeholders from different areas and backgrounds to work together in the establishment of networks and in the development of tools and materials to counter match-fixing and betting fraud, while identifying and putting in value initiatives, projects and strategies. The project has a focus in awareness raising and aims at offering quality training and education packages to grassroots levels and key-stakeholders, thus contributing to the EU strategic objectives of solidarity and prosperity through sports.


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