The Next City: Fearless Cities and Deep Democracy

CEI researcher Ana Margarida Esteves took part in the third event in Solidarity Hall’s new series of “Eutopia Workshops.” The live event – entitled “The Next City: Fearless Cities and Deep Democracy” was held on June 12, 2020.

The event, which focused on a discussion of municipalism and community-based, commons-oriented democratic governance initiatives amid 2020’s widespread economic and political uncertainty, was led by Ana Margarida Esteves and Alexander Kolokotronis of the Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale and the Participatory Budgeting Project.

Read more about the series here. Watch the video recording of the event here.

Photo by Donn Strain on Unsplash

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Ana Margarida Esteves

Researcher at CEI-IUL. PhD in Sociology (Brown University); held a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Tulane University’s Roger Thayer Stone Center for Latin American Studies (New Orleans). Research interests: Social and Solidarity Economy, popular education, community-based finance, participatory action research, alternative food systems, local development, and direct and participatory democracy, as well as on how to integrate “specialist” and “lay” knowledge in academic and activist research.

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