This Week in the News (February 10, 2017)

The Top news

Donald Trump is still leading the top news in Asia. His recent call to Chinese President Xi Jinping is the main news, but the USA’s behaviour in different questions (like the immigration issue) are also considered. In China the main focus has been the recognition of ‘one China’ by Donald Trump and the need for more cooperation between the two countries.

As for cartoonists, US President Donald Trump is still a source for inspiration, and the South China Morning Post uses Trump’s phone call to show how is international policy is lacking coherence.

In other countries – such as Japan and Thailand – this theme has also been jumping to the front pages. The Japan Times reinforces the ‘one China’ policy, and the Bangkok Post refers to the change of tone used by Donald Trump when calling China’s President.

But Donald Trump inspires other news

His difficult and cumbersome relationship with the North-American courts and the Japanese businessmen’s contestation of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s openness vis-à-vis Trump’s policy have also been highlighted.

Other news making front pages

The firebomb attack in a Hong Kong train during rush hour has also been amply highlighted in the Asian written press. Even though the origin of the attackIt is not yet known, or whether it was a terrorist attack or an isolated action, there is information about injured people.

Security is one of the most reported subjects, and the arresting of four people accused of imminent terrorist attacks in France has also been emphasised. As such, the duration of the recent wave of terror-related attacks in France is also highlighted in Asian media outlets.

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Cátia Miriam Costa

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