11 MAY | Reflections on Palestine Studies from within Portuguese Academia

On May 11, CEI-Iscte will host the kick-off session of the new seminar series on Middle East and North Africa.

This first session will be dedicated to the topic “Reflections on Palestine Studies from within Portuguese Academia”, and will have the participation of Annelien Groten ( Independent researcher) and Shahd Wadi (Researcher in Feminist and Palestine Studies) as invited speakers. Giulia Daniele, CEI-Iscte researcher and organiser of this Seminar Series, will be the moderator.

The seminar will be at Auditorium B1.04 (Building II, Iscte), at 5 p.m.

About Middle East and North Africa Seminar Series

This is the first seminar of a new permanent seminar series, organised by CEI-Iscte, to be held monthly in the next academic year.


Photo by IEMed


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