5-6 MAY | Europe as a Global Actor 2022

On the 5th and 6th of May, Iscte will host the sixth edition of the international conference Europe as a Global Actor.

This edition is organised by CEI-Iscte, OBSERVARE-UAL and has Diário de Notícias as media partner. The programme is available online and the sessions willl be held at Auditorium B1.04 (Buidling II, Iscte) and are open to all researchers, students and general public.


The sixth edition of the international conference “Europe as a Global Actor” will focus on discussing the EU’s current and envisioned role in the world (and Africa, Asia, Middle East, and Latin America, in particular) in the context of internal challenges of populism, East-West and North-South divides, and external challenges of China, Russia, and Turkey’s growing assertiveness, with a focus on shared neighbourhoods.

We aim to debate the EU’s capacity to act, its physical and ontological security, its resilience in light of the priorities of the current Trio of Presidencies of the Council of the EU (France, Czech Republic, Sweden), and the adoption of the EU’s Strategic Compass. Furthermore, we are interested in addressing how the EU has and can respond to key threats to its security, maintain internal cohesion, and act as a leader in tackling the global climate crisis.

The Conference Programme includes thematic panels and round tables with keynote speakers on the challenges of European security and defence, diplomacy, climate change, and other relevant subjects.

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