MAY 10 | Open Lecture: The Syrian War and the (new) Great Game

Next Thursday, the Master in International Studies of ISCTE-IUL and CEI-IUL will host an open lecture with Adam al-Alou, researcher at ICS-ULisboa, that will give an insight on the civil war in Syria.
It will take place at Afonso de Barros Auditorium (Ala Autónoma Building, ISCTE-IUL) at 6p.m.
About the lecture:
The Syrian civil war rages for seven years now. As its endgame seems to be approaching, it’s useful to discuss in the light of the long history of Western meddling in the Middle East.
This lecture is offered as an interactive discussion about the ongoing civil war in Syria, with a look at its origins, actors, politics, geopolitics and trajectory. A multi-dimensional approach will offer an understanding of the multi-faceted and increasingly-complex nature of this internicine conflict, with a comparative look at neighbouring Iraq.
About the speaker:
Adam Alhammoud Alalou is a PhD student at Instituto of Social Sciences from University of Lisbon. His PhD thesis “State-Sponsored Terrorism as Foreign Policy: the Case of Iran” pretends to explore, and further conceptualize the phenomenon of state-sponsored terrorism; more specifically, the way terrorism has been systematically instrumentalized by post-Islamic Revolution Iran to achieve certain political, strategic and/or ideological foreign policy objectives.
Photo by Christiaan Triebert / CC BY-NC 2.0

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