Portuguese Journal of Social Science: Volume 16.02

CEI-IUL is involved in the publication of the Portuguese Journal of Social Science, an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal indexed on Scopus and Web of Science and available on EBSCO and on b-on.

Special dossier

PJSS number 16.02 contains a special dossier entitled “Institutional Encounters: European Property Rights in Colonial Contexts”, edited by José Vicente Serrão (ISCTE-IUL). The special dossier is divided in three articles that look into different aspects related to institutional regulation of land and property rights in European colonial contexts.

The first article in this special dossier was written by Nadeera Rupesinghe (Open University of Sri Lanka) and focuses on the role that the Dutch East India Company played in Sri Lanka in matters of land register, disputes, and rights.

The second article, authored by Derek Byerlee (Georgetown University), delves into issues related to property rights in plantations in the tropical British empire in British West Africa, Malaya, the Indian Hills, and Ceylon.

In the third article of this series, Bárbara Direito (Universidade Nova de Lisboa) looks at the case of Mozambique in the Portuguese colonial context with regard to land and property rights, and in particular to access to land, from a historiographic perspective.


In addition to the special dossier, four distinct and varied articles were also published in this issues of the PJSS.

The first article, written by Nuno Canas Mendes (ISCSP – UL), studies issues related to Portuguese colonial policy during the First Portuguese Republic (1910-1926), focusing on war reparations and the relationship between Portugal and the League of Nations.

The second miscellaneous article of this latest issue, written by Luísa Veloso (CIES-IUL) and Daniela Craveiro (CIS-IUL), explores the changes that have occurred in organization profiles in Portuguese public schools since 2008.

In the third article, Odília Gouveia (CICS-UMinho/CECS), Maria Johanna Schouten (CICS-UMinho), and Alice Matos (CECS) focus on public policies in Portugal targeted at older segments of the population in the aftermath of the 2008 crisis.

Finally, Maria Manuela Mendes (CIES-IUL/CIAUD), Olga Magano (UAb/CIES-IUL), and Ana Rita Costa (CRIA-IUL), in the final article of the issue, continue on the topic of Portuguese public policies with a focus on education in the Portuguese Cigano communities.


In addition to the special dossier and miscellaneous articles, PJSS number 16.02 also includes a book review on António Costa Pinto and Aristotle Kallis’ 2015 book “Rethinking Fascism and Dictatorship in Europe,” prepared by Luciano Aronne de Abreu (Pontifica Universidade Católica, Rio Grande do Sul).

Map of Brazil in the Miller Atlas of 1519 / Pedro Reinel, Jorge Reinel, Lopo Homem (mapmakers), and António de Holanda (miniaturist) / public domain

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