#SEXRWA Webinar | Joanna Davidson | Widows & Other Troublemakers in Rural Guinea-Bissau

On 28 April, the third Webinar under the #SEXRWA project took place, with Joanna Davidson as a guest speaker.

Isaiete Jabula and Blanca Sell Fernández, Ma students and research assistants at the SEXRWA research team, gave their point of view about the session “Quietly Opting Out: Widows & Other Troublemakers in Rural Guinea-Bissau” lead by Dr. Joanna Davidson.

In the words of Isaiete Jabula, Davidson’s presentation recalled “that in this ethnic-cultural community, there is no word that defines widow, because in the Jola conception, when the husband dies, his house is demolished and his wife is commonly expected to marry his brother, as a way to maintain kinship ties and to ensure marriage for women.”. Associated to this, as Blanca S. Fernández advanced, the researcher shared with the audience her “latest findings revolving around the work she’s been carrying out for over two decades on the widows living in the Jola villages alongside the southern Senegalese border in Guinea-Bissau.”

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Do not miss the next webinar on 12 May, with Dr. Michelle Johnson on “God, Hear our Prayers: Gender, Islam, and Human Rights in Genital Cutting Debates in Guinea-Bissau and Portugal”.

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