#SEXRWA Webinar | Marame Guèye | “Goor Dongue”

On 17 March, the first Webinar under the #SEXRWA project took place, with Marame Guèye as guest speaker.

Dr. Marame Guèye, a professor from the University of East Carolina, gave us an insightful lecture on the film “Goor Dongue” (in Wolof), also known as “Échange Inégal” (in French)  by Tom Escarmelle, based on an original idea by Khady Touré.

In her presentation, Dr Marame Guèye, whose research primarily focuses on marriage, poligamy, wifing, gender relations and social norms, points out how the distortion of language and of the Islamic texts contributes to the reinforcement and naturalisation of women’s suffering. From a feminist point of view Dr. Marame Guèye studies the ways in which oral performances and verbal art are used as instruments of resistance by Senegalese women in order to make their voices heard.

This online event brought together a wide range of viewers from several countries and nationalities, and officially marked the kick-off of the Sexual and Reproductive Rights in West Africa webinar series, hosted at CEI-Iscte and financed by FCT I.P (reference number: PTDC/SOC-ANT/31675/2017).

Know more about this presentation and the project here

SEXRWA Oradora
Dr. Marame Guèye
Photo by Janko Ferlic via Pexels

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