This Week in the News (January 13, 2017)

The most and the least in Asian news

This week Asian newspapers revealed a deeper insight about regional issues. Donald Trump is no longer the main international theme, although his presence remains strong. Subjects such as the visit of the President of the Popular Republic of China to Switzerland and his participation in the World Economic Forum, the visit of Japan’s prime minister to Philippines and the agreement of China and Russia in response to the USA anti-missile strategy in South Korea lead today’s first pages.

China’s Foreign Affairs agenda

At the top of President Xi Jinping’s agenda are  bi-lateral relations with Switzerland, globalisation, and China-European Union relations, as well as China’s economic role in boosting world economy. The idea of a win-win strategy, resulting in a “better world for all” seems to be the topic that China’s President wants to the world to hear, while in Europe.

But this week China had a very diverse and rich foreign affairs agenda with an agreement with Russia, in response to the US anti-missile system planned to be developed in South Korea. This agreement was top news in China, but also had a headline in Japan. Other continents were present in Chinese press, such as the visit of China’s Foreign Affairs Minister to Nigeria, Madagascar, Tanzania, Republic of Congo, and Zambia. In this context the Foreign Affairs Minister stated that China stands with its “African brothers” and will introduce new changes in cooperation policy with African countries.

Japan-Philippines Cooperation

As for Japan’s foreign policy, the highlighted news is the visit of Prime-Minister Shinzo Abe to the Philippines and his meeting with President Rodrigo Duterte. The agreement about the vital role of the USA in Asia-Pacific stability is underlined as well as Japan’s aid to Manila in the war drugs.

Asian news emphasised in Portugal

As for the most emphasised news in the Portuguese press concerning Asia, the visit of prime-minister António Costa to India is absent from today’s Indians mainstream newspapers and sites. Only Herald from Goa has highlighted the possible agreements and relations stemming from the official meetings carried out by the Portuguese governmental team.

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