This Week in the News (March 11, 2017)

Everyone is talking about…

In the Asian media the most popular news for today is undoubtedly the South Korean President’s impeachment, reported in Chinese, Japanese and Thai media. Xinhua highlights the reasons for the court’s decision, based on the facts that have shown the President benefited her long-time friend and shared with her some state confidential information.

Japan Times highpoints president’s Park governance and the opposition protests in the street.

Bangkok Post points out the fact Park being the first elected president with a criminal prosecution and facing a unanimous legal rejection by the Constitutional Court.

Other news on the front pages

In China the spotlight goes to the meetings held by the 12th National People’s Congress.

President Xi Jinping meeting with Chinese deputies from Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and the meeting between Chinese leaders and lawmakers about the Belt & Road are the ones getting more attention.

The Syrian government requirement for Turkey to leave Northern Syria is also a highlight in the Chinese Agency news, Xinhua. Syrian government considers that an invasion is taken place in his territory, and the Turkish military forces are responsible for it.

As for Japan Times, the focus goes to end of Japanese mission in South Sudan in next May, ending its participation In the UN Peace keeping forces. Also the politics in USA still receive attention from this newspaper, mostly because of President’s Trump anti-immigration new law, and the reaction in the Hawaii Federal State questioning the application of the new rule. Other states seem to join Hawaii’s initiative.

Bangkok Times highlights the negotiations between ASEAN and European Union on free trade. The main challenge seems to be the promotion of free, fair and open trade between the two regional blocs.

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