Virtual kick-off meeting of the Free Your Mind project

On February 22, CEI-Iscte held a virtual kick-off meeting of the project “Free Your Mind: Youth Activism in Southern Europe in Times of Dictatorship”, funded by the European Commission – Europe for Citizens Programme.

The CEI-Iscte team, coordinated by Prof. Luís Nuno Rodrigues, and representatives from the project’s partners, Associação Cultural Ephemera (Portugal), University of Crete (Greece), Society of Cretan Historical Studies (Greece) and Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain) set the workplan for the next months and the general guideline for project management. The project’s activities are planned to start next October with an academic conference and exhibition in Lisbon (Portugal), and then continue in Spain and Greece, with the final meeting in Portugal.

About the project

“Free Your Mind: Youth Activism in Southern Europe in Times of Dictatorship”, supported by the European Commission – Europe for Citizens Programme, has two main goals: to demonstrate to young Europeans how dictatorships in Southern Europe have imposed, on previous generations, strong limitations to their freedom of expression and association, on the one hand; and on the other hand, underline how, despite the political and legal constraints imposed, and the repression, generations of young Europeans were able to organize, mobilize and fight against dictatorial regimes in their countries, contributing to their fall and dissolution and to the advent of modern and democratic societies. With these goals in mind, the project will promote a series of events taking place in the 3 countries involved (Portugal, Greece and Spain), combining academic and non-formal education activities including conferences, debates, public events, tours, interaction with archive material and an exhibition.


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