2022 | Rescheduled – International Conference SSECommons

CEI-Iscte is organizing a series of SSECommons Webinars throughout 2020 and 2021, as a preparation for the third edition of the International Conference Social Solidarity Economy and the Commons, rescheduled for 2022.

Over the past few months, the #SSE&Commons project has been organising a set of webinars that would culminate in a conference in late 2021. However, given the evolution of the pandemic, this will take place in 2022, with a date yet to be confirmed. You can review some of the initiatives here (CEI’s facebook page).

Webinar plan

22 October: “Solidarity: the unthought of organization?” – the recording of this webinar is available on the SSE&Commons Youtube page.
19 November: “Participação democrática e as organizações de Economia Social e Solidária” (Democratic Participation and the Organizations of Social and Solidarity Economy) – the recording of this webinar is available on the SSE&Commons Youtube page.
21 January: “The power of translocal networks on urban commons based initiatives
25 February: “Democracia e Economia Solidária: como podemos reinventar o Século XXI?” (Democracy and Solidarity Economy: how can we reinvent the 21st Century?)
25 March: “Money and Sustainability: revisiting the missing link
23 April: “The Future of Urban Commons
20 May: “Social and Solidarity Economy in Socio-Economic Regeneration
17 June: Legal consequences of the environment as a res communis in a circular economy model
23 September: TBA
21 October:TBA

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