This Week in the News (October 14, 2016)

The Death of the Thai King

The entire front page of the website of the newspaper Bangkok Post is dedicated to the death of the Thai king – who was the oldest in the world – and to the ceremonies taken in his honour.

Japan Times underlines the importance of the King’s role in the fight against poverty on Thailand and expresses “deep sorrow” for this lost. At the same time, the newspaper refers Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn as a less revered king.

As for China, CCTV makes the full coverage of the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, and refers the official condolences of the Chinese Government.

Bob Dylan the winner of 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature

After the death of the Thai king, Bob Dylan’s Literature Nobel Prize is the most mentioned piece of international news. All of  the above mentioned newspapers emphasise the fact that it is the first time the Literature Nobel Prize is given to a song writer. Some were in favour and others against the Nobel Committee’s choice.

This choice also contributed to raise the discussion about the limitations of the concept of literature and about the role of oral literature. In Japan the discussion was intense, because the Japanese writer Murakami was one of the nominees expected to win. In other cases, the fans’ reaction was the news theme.

Xi Jiping visit to Cambodia and Bangladesh

The visit of Xi Jinping to Cambodia and Bangladesh, as well as his participation in the BRICs conference, are underlined in the Chinese media. In the case of Xinhua Portuguese, there is a section dedicated to this item with photos and specific texts.

CCTV does the same, establishing a continuum between all actions of Chinese external policy. Outside China, the visits are treated separately. Foreign Chinese direct investment is viewed as a way to spread Chinese influence in countries under other spheres of influence, like India (considered a regional rival). Interestingly, following the visit to Bangladesh, the Chinese President will participate in the BRICs international conference to be held in Goa, India.

The election of António Guterres for Secretary General of the United Nations

The Chinese press is highlighting the fact António Guterres was elected for Secretary General of the United Nations, mentioning the congratulations expressed officially by the Chinese government.

As for the read Japanese and Thai press, the subject is never presented at the top of either the world or international news.

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Cátia Miriam Costa

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