The Syrian Business Elite: Patronage Networks and War Economy

The Syrian business community is split between small and big business; domestic and expatriate endeavors; supporters and opponents of the regime. Expectations that it would play a determinant role in Syria’s political transition from authoritarian rule have been so far frustrated.

To understand the businessmen’s political alignments and influence on current Syrian politics, the historical relation between the regime and business circles must be contextualized alongside the economic dynamics of the Syrian conflict, including the emergence of new economic actors in the thriving war economy.

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Aurora Sottimano

Visiting scholar at CEI-IUL. Lecturer in Political Science (British Univ. in Egypt). Fellow at the Centre for Syrian Studies (St Andrews University, UK). Previous: Research Fellow at the Orient Institut Beirut and Amsterdam Univ. Research interests: politics, IR, political economy and history of the Middle East.

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