8 MAR | WEBINAR – Peaceful Revolution as a Resistance Social Movement

On 8 March (6 PM WET | 7 PM CET | 8 PM EET), the NOWALL partners will be promoting the webinar “Peaceful Revolution as a Resistance Social Movement: The Unknown Citizens and the Fall of the Wall”.

One of the manifestations of a well-functioning civil society are numerous active social movements. They testify to the high activity and the ability to self-organize citizens. In this webinar, organized within the NOWALL project, we aim to present the resistance social movements during the Cold War and before the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

In the debate, NOWALL partners will be hosting:

Christian Joppke (University of Bern) – “East Germany’s Unhappy Dissidents”

Katrin Hattenhauer (Artist and Civil Rights Activist) – “Experience and personal view about the unfolding of the Peaceful Revolution from the perspective of an activist”

James J. Sheehan (University of Stanford) – “The Problem of Peaceful Change: What are the conditions necessary to make a revolution peaceful? What role did the social movements in East Germany play in this process?”

Ionel N. Sava (University of Bucharest) – “Difference between dissidents’s action in Eastern Germany and the eastern block of Polish, Czech and Hungarian anti-communists”

The debate will be hosted by Ana Mónica Fonseca (Iscte – University Institute of Lisbon).

Event Post for NOWALL Webinar

Find more information about the NOWALL project here. And join the event here!

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